We Love Knitting

We are a company based on the production of clothing items, mainly through knitting method.
The company's trademark is "LALE", which represents the elegance and freshness of a spring flower.

Qualitative Italian knitting yarns.
Modern and original accessories.

In the working process we use only the most qualitative Italian knitting yarns and other modern and original accessories.


The company's values consist of several basic components: Responsibility, Quality and Creativity.

Because we care what we deliver, we put enormous value on the quality of our products, each clothing item being thoroughly checked before reaching the customer.

And because the satisfied customer is our business card, the buyer can choose between a fashion item from the current collection or the range of custom - made products.


The company's goals are related to the infinite desire to promote our products, to bring them to the attention of the general public and to bring refinement to the wardrobe of our clients.